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NATional Student advertising Competition


Creative Team: Sophie Heidenreich, Alex Daly-Hill

Role: Idea, Copywriter, Art Director, Illustrator 

For the national student advertising competition, our client was Indeed whose aim was to get the younger generation to use their website. Since Indeed is missing a widely known brand personality I created these characters for consumers to connect to and to make Indeed feel more approachable. These illustrative characters are not only unique and instantly recognizable but also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors reflecting that Indeed is the job search platform for everyone. Meet the Crew:


Special Judges Award/ NSAC / District 10 / Best Presentation 

Bronze / NSAC / District 10


Bob the Finance Bro 

Bob is a big finance bro. Ever since his frat bros of Sigma Tigma Po convinced him to join business school he has been thriving. He isn't sure yet where he will work after college but is confident it will be some form of bank. He isn't interested in joining his dad's company as he would rather do his own thing. His skills include, keg stands, math, and doing a mean Adam Sandler impression.


Sonja Ze Scientist

Sonja identifies as non-binary and after binging Breaking Bad for the 3rd time in a row they decided to be a scientist. Fast forward 10 years of tedious studies and not being taught how to cook meth, Sonja noticed they are genuinely passionate about chemistry. Now that it's time to look for a job they aren't sure where to start. Their drag mother recommended Indeed, and they thought that they might just give it a try.


Nancy The Nurse

Ever since Nancy was gifted a toy medical kit in kindergarten she knew she wanted to be a nurse. She is passionate about helping people and animals. She recently adopted her fifth kitten but is currently in an argument with her landlord to get a sixth. Now that she finished nursing school she is looking for jobs to pursue her passion and to keep financing the cat food. She knows that Indeed is the place to go.


Leonard Le Chef

After almost dying of an overdose of pizza pockets at the age of 16, Leonard decided its time to learn how to cook. He spent years in school and hundreds of dollars on a premium HBO subscription to watch Hell's Kitchen. He studied the masters and perfected his Kraft, mac n cheese. Now it's time for him to pursue his art by looking for a job on Indeed.


Heavy Lifter Hans

Heavy lifter Hans is an absolute unit. Even though he is a beast with the barbell his passion is teaching aerobics. His naughty two-step salsa Zumba fusion class made him quite popular among the ladies. Now he’s looking for a permanent studio to teach on Indeed.


Peter policeman 

While to some making sure that your granny crosses the street safely is simple volunteer work, to Peter it is his destiny. He started off as the friendly lollipop man on 6th street but quickly worked himself up to a shiny new badge with the name “Peter the policeman” engraved in it. Hes hoping to keep the streets safe by finding a permanent position through indeed.


FireFighter Fiona

When Fiona was just 8 years old she lost her entire Polly Pocket collection and her pet hamster, Peanut, in a terrible fire caused by an over-toasted strawberry pop tart. She made a promise to the world that she would never eat another strawberry pop tart and that no other person shall ever experience the tragedy of losing their favorite doll collection (she didn’t care too much about Peanut since their relationship was complicated). She became a committed firefighter and is always the first one at the function when it gets lit.

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