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"You get the best of both worlds" - Hannah Montana
Sophie Heidenreich a junior art director that Writes copy. 

I blessed the world with my existence when I was born in a small Swiss village named Oberägeri. After several years of living in “The Sound of Music,” my family and I left our idyllic village and exchanged the alpine scenery for the city lights of Hamburg, Germany. 

Soon after that, I packed my bags and left my family behind to attend a boarding school in England at the ripe old age of 13. I did a bunch of cool stuff like learn to tie a double Windsor; join the Royal Air Force, and I almost died twice (luckily health care in the UK is free). Fast forward to graduating as the valedictorian and then hopping on a plane to start college in Texas. 

I still haven’t gotten into country music (except for “Country Girl Shake It for Me” by Luke Bryan) but I have discovered a passion for advertising. My versatile cultural influences and unique life experiences find their way into all of my projects and give me a unique vision when it comes to art and copy (though I'm more of an art director). 

Here's my Resume. Let's talk soon.

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